Final Poster Design for the Function

September 13, 2008

This is the final poster for the function. Its movie style poster and i might do a vertical version of it. Please do give your valuable critics which would be better to refine my designs. Soon to launch the website for the function.


hmmm.. another design!

September 4, 2008

This again is a teaser which i did for my college function. Thnx to the snaps taken by my pal sidhu and the jump by shanki. I referred some tutorials for this effects. i will soon write a tutorial on making this entire teaser.

My designs.. *Plz do comment

August 30, 2008

phew! spending too much time on designing for our college program. These are some of the designs for a teaser and sponsor guide. Thnx to the photos i took from stock xpert, love to credit them plz let me know if the element used is yours. Soon to write a tutorial on creating this teaser. Hope it will help someone. Comments required to refine my designs.. love u all.. 😉

Teaser for the short film fest “BimBam”

Sponsor guide for the same

Sponsor guide inside contents